Monday, July 24, 2006

IPods and Assholes

I’m defiantly more entertaining when I’m pissed off. Once again, I was looking at my older post back when I had my “edge”, and I do need to be pissed off when I’m writing. Oh and now I think I know they way to get that venom going.

My office (shared, I don’t have my own office, yet) is right by the lunch room and latety this one guy who happens be (insert polite ethnic group here). He has his IPod Nano, which is fine, but he has these shitty 410 speakers hooked up to it and he’s forcing everyone to listen to his shitty music. PUT THE DAMN EARBUDS ONE!!!

Oh speaking of IPod’s. There’s this company in the U.S. that gave Video IPod’s to all of its employees but when they laid 30 people off in one plant, they demanded the IPods back. TALK ABOUT BEING A CHEAP BASTARD!! Now this is a company that I would NEVER work for, no matter how much they would pay me. Why? Because they’re more concerned about their bottom line than their staff. There’s a term for those type of managers. ASSHOLES!!!!

Despite the bullshit that any manager will spit out; people are a company’s greatest asset. It’s the people who stay behind to give you that extra hour to make sure that everything is ok for your customer. It’s the dedication of the people who put my computer together that make me come back to the same store over and over again, for upgrades.

As well, think about the people who weren’t laid off. You see the company asking for “the gift” back. It would tell me that this company wasn’t worth my time. I would return my IPod and start looking for another job because it appears that company considers you an asset and not an individual. So not to self; NEVER accept a job from National Semiconductor because they will treat you like shit.

My 2 bytes.

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