Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fast Facts (Part 2)

Here we go again

26. I’m in my air conditioned office and there are loud people very close by and I want to KILL THEM. SHUT UP. SHUT UP.

27. I saw Superman returns last night. It was ok, not great but not bad either.

28. There’s a new boss in the warehouse somewhere. I haven’t met this person yet.

29. Work is overrated.

30. I ate veggies today.

31. I’ve spent my morning reconfiguring these things.

32. The person sitting in the desk next to me keeps saying that I suck big nuts.

33 She has a bad attitude.

34. I missed Nelly Furtado play at the Stampede last Saturday but I’m not missing Our Lady Peace on Friday and Matt Mays and El Torpedo on Sunday

35. All of those concerts are free (except for the admission to get onto the Stampede grounds).

36. I’ve never worn an Afro

37. It took me 3 hours to decide that Fox News was full of shit.

38. Women could make sperm.

39. I really hate Vonage commercials.

40. Putting the Son of God on a Beer Billboard is a BAD ideal.

41. I just finished eating a Spiderman Popsicle.

42. Don Johnson is in Calgary right now.

43. I have heartburn.

44. Rocky VI comes out on December 22

45. The fact that they made Rocky VI proves that they’re officially run out of ideas in Hollywood.

46. Ever since I’ve gotten my PVR. Commercials REALLY piss me off.

47. There’s too much crap on my desk.

48. Even today, people still talk about Carrie Fisher in that metal Bikini.

49. I get to go home in less than a hour.

50. I’ve never made a ‘deposit’ to a Sperm Bank.

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