Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Mom's coming to town. RUN!!!

Guess what? I got this phone call on Sunday, My parents are going to be in town on Wednesday and they’re going to stay with me. AWWW CRAP!!!! So now the cleaning begins.

The good news is that most of the cleaning is already done, but that still leaves me 24 hours (not counting sleep and work) to get everything ready for their overnight visit (yes they’re leaving the next day.) The truth of the matter is that my apartment is going to be Hotel Restoule tomorrow.

Also I’m going to take my parents out to dinner. Now someone has told me that they should be taking me out since I’m giving them a place to sleep but these are my parents. These are the people who gave me life and raised me. Besides, this will keep them out of my place for at least an hour. That’s less time for my mom to complain about the dust or whatever she wants to complain about.

However I do draw the line at my computer desk. I’ll straighten it out but I’m not (I REPEAT, I’m not ) doing anything to ‘clean’ that desk. This does not mean that there’s mold or anything, but I’m not making it all pretty with everything lined up all nice and neat. That computer is my domain and if they don’t like it. TOUGH!!!

So basically all I need to do is go home, vacuum, clean the floors, dust the living room, and hide all the dirty clothes under the bed. Oh and wash the sheets, I must was all my sheets. Odds are I’ll just wake up extra early (like 4:00am) and wash them all and have them folded. I won’t make the bed, because that way, my mom can make her own bed. Last time, I actually bought new sheets, but I’M NOT DOING THAT AGAIN. Oh for the record, I do wash my sheets regularly, BUT with my mom, I’m not taking any chances.

I’ll let everyone know how dinner went tomorrow. Oh and this mean’s I’m going to miss out on some playing time with City of Heroes. NOOOOO!!!!!

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