Monday, August 28, 2006

Those are mine. Hands off you weasel.

I’ve been to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport a few times. I’ve experienced ‘security’ when I tried to board a plane. I know how cold those people are, but when I heard that they took an 87 year old woman’s heart medication, I thought ‘these guys are seriously fucked in the head and need to be smacked around a bit. I mean are you complete assholes? Well it appears that they are. This woman could have died.

What I really love is ‘there has been no report of the incident’ according to the security people. If there hasn’t been any report, then how did the media find out about the incident? These guys are full of shit and everyone knows it.

It’s the same deal with the guy who was flying with his mom and security found the penis pump. That security bitch knew what it was, but she had to further humiliate the guy by making him say what it was in front of his mother and the person apparently couldn’t hear. The guy said pump, not bomb oh and they arrested that guy. Oh and the judge believe him when he said that the security person misunderstood.

Alright, now here’s where I want some payback. I want the right to go into every one of these assholes homes with a video camera and document every sex toy, every porno, every embarrassing piece of crap that these people own and an put it on a website with their ugly mugs next to them. Next I want to go into their medicine cabinets and take all their medication and make them beg for their medicine.

I want them to feel the exact same humiliation that everyone else experiences when these security people remove your undergarments from your bags and let everyone see. Next time I fly I’m going to put a sign on my underwear that can only be read when someone takes it out of the suitcase. It’s going to say ‘WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT”

My 2 bytes.

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