Wednesday, August 23, 2006

V v v v VONAGE !!!

I made the switch. I received my Vonage VPhone in the mail yesterday and I like it. Now there are some minor problems that I’m having but I’m sure that it’s just a ‘growing pains’ thing. I’ll get to know the thing better.

The cool thing is that I can connect the thing to any PC, including my work PC and start making phone calls. Today from my desk, I managed to call my Mommy in Saskatchewan as well as someone in Toronto from my PC. No messy software to install. Just plug it in, connect the headset and dial from your PC.

So far, the only problem I was having was getting my PC to ‘ring’ and that lasted about 30 seconds after I read the little instruction manual. Now when I’m at home, my PC rings when I get a call.

I could go on about on about the free features, including having my voice mail messages sent to me as MP3 in an e-mail but I’m not going to go on about that. Instead I want to talk about the Cock Suckers at I have been trying to call them all day, only to be put on hold and dumped. Time and time again. I think these guys must know that they suck. The Internet is fine, when it works but the phone service blows goats. When they sent me the phone box for their VOIP, they also sent a letter saying that a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that I was suppose to get with it was out of stock and it was suppose to be sent later. THAT WAS 4 MONTHS AGO. Again, I warn all Canadians to stay away from CIA’s cheap ass phone service. Oh this warning goes to the U.S. as well, since they’re planning to expand across the border.

Anyway I like the phone even though I’m having some ‘sound issues, but I’m blaming the cheap headset . I’ll go look for a new one on the weekend. Oh and its just a stand headset for cell phones (2.5mm connector) so I’m sure I could by something better. Oh and I still need to test to see if I can record my calls with Audacity for potential podcast purposes.

So to recap, VONAGE, Good so far. CIA.COM BLOWS GOATS.

OH UPDATE. I Finally got through to CIA and got the phone cancelled.

My 2 bytes.

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