Monday, September 29, 2008

Wrong Number. BIG TIME

I pick up the phone to call one of our vendors, because a piece of hardware isn’t working properly. I look up the number, make sure that I have all the needed information and call…the wrong number. The first clue is when the other end answers, I hear moaning, and a woman saying “oh yeah”, and “spread my hips”. I quickly hang up, and take a moment to relax. Ok, this can’t be right, I told myself. Took a moment, and dialed the number again…again incorrectly, and once again was greeted by “Ohhh yeah”. I eventually dialed the right number and managed to talk to whom I was supposed to, but really. GEEZE.

I did finally figure out where I was misdialing, but I was really embarrassed. Hearing something like that in a work environment, really threw me off. This is a place of business not…for bomp bomp chica bomp. Last time I checked (and that was some time ago), those types of phone number were 900 numbers and not 800 numbers. I made a free call to a “oh yeah” line, at work.

Personally, I think those types of numbers are false advertisement. You call those numbers, and there’s some woman moaning like banshee, and that never happens so me. Wait, that might be my fault…I take it back. Those women on those phone lines sound exactly like the women I’ve had sex with. Those phone lines are dead on, and maybe I’m a big liar.

The whole thing still creeps me out. I shouldn’t be calling those lines at work, expect I wasn’t trying to call those lines. I can prove that it was a misdial. I’m far more discreet with my pervertness. It’s just another accident like the time, I accident went to the sex expo instead of the career fair.

My 2 Bytes



E said...

Did you make a note of the wrong number so you can call back tonight? ;) L, E

Olly said...

Hahahaha....I just read your "sex expo" story. Did you get your money back? Or did you just stay and look around for awhile? And? Did you ever make it to the career fair?

Jay said...

Oh man you crack me up.

Hope you recovered.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

They use 1-800 numbers to lure you into the 1-900 number. Many jurisdictions its illegal to advertise 1-900 numbers, so this gets them a loophole. The same way that gambling websites are illegal, so advertises. You can play for free but (which 2/3rds of ppl will type in accidentally anyways) is a pay gambling site.