Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The should have seen this coming

There’s a new Bollywood moving coming out that making some noise. Now I’m not a fan of Bollywood movies. In fact I tend to avoid them like the plague, because I’m not interested in watching people jump from behind bushes and dance. It’s also no secret that Bollywood tends to borrow heavily from Hollywood. Just watch Indian Superman to see what I mean. So anyway, a Bollywood company is releasing …wait for it…Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors. Send in the Lawyers.

I’m sorry, but I don’t care if the name Hari Puttar is fairly common in India, someone had to see this coming. Warner Bros has made BILLIONS from the Harry Potter franchise and there’s no way in hell that they were sit by and let this happen. The Hari Puttar movie even takes place in England, so you cannot tell me that this was a complete coincidence. They knew what they were doing.

Now their argument is that the movie doesn’t have wizards and magic in it. In fact the plot is more like Home Alone than Happy Potter,(maybe 20th Century Fox should sue) but really someone with half a brain should have clued in that the title might piss off Warner Bros. These days large entertainment companies have packs of wild lawyers on retainer, and the company head regularly “release the hounds” on anything that potentially endangers their bottom line. Remember this is an industry that sues disables single mothers by claiming that their 6 year old daughters are illegally downloading Gansta Rap.

I’m normally against Hollywood pushing the little guy, but Bollywood isn’t the little guy these days. In fact they’re a major player in the film industry with people like Wil Smith starting to work with them, so I just see it as one file studio suing another, and that happens all the time. It’s happening over the new Watchmen movie coming out early next year. I’ve just never seen something so blatant before. Well there was the Indian Superman. So ok Bollywood, change the name of that movie and please…enough of the banshee like singing and the constant dancing. They already made Grease the move, and a sequel.

My 2 Bytes.

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