Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Teddy Bear Phone?

As predicted, no one was impressed with the giant nose shampoo gel dispenser. Also, as predicted, people weren’t impressed with the shower breast, but I’ve found something that will make everyone happy. I bring to you the Teddy Bear cell phone. Well I didn’t actually invent it, but you get my meaning.

When I saw this, I thought, Ok people are going to walk around with teddy bears next to their ears. Is this a good thing? Are young women going to walk around carrying teddy bears? Will the bear scream when you inset the SIM card? I admit it’s cute, and in Asia, cute is a big thing, but I would this take off over here in North America? Sure there’s the Hello Kitty crowd but really?

I know that a lot of “cute” stuff comes out of Japan. They live for it. Women are encouraged to talk with a high-pitched voice, because it’s considered “cute”, but dammit, this cute thing will go too far eventually. Let’s look at Pokemon. Pikachu is cute. Even the way he only says his name is cute. Everything about the critter is cute.

I’ve read that the “phone” will sell for $500. $500 for a teddy bear cell phone? Not so cute anymore. Also it has 4 speed dial options depending on which paw you squeeze. Also, you answer and hang up by pressing the tail. I don’t know about you, but if I feel pressure round my “tail” area. Someone is going to their asses kicked. I’m just waiting for the headline about the bear mauling someone.

I’m not a fan of this thing, but I am looking forward to seeing people using it. I just hope they don’t walk around while talking, because it going to obstruct someone’s vision, and they could get hit by a car.

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