Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I want my HDTV dammit

I’ve become a real HD snob as of late. I want HDTV content on my pretty big ass TV. I want HD channels but I refuse to get cable TV from Shaw Cable…because I hate them, and I don’t think it’s worth paying all that money for the few channels that I do watch. I can’t get a dish because my apartment doesn’t have a balcony, and I’m facing the wrong side of the building, and Telus TV doesn’t have enough HD channels to make it worth my while. So I’ve been downloading my HD content via the Internet. Normally this isn’t a problem, but last night it got UGLY.

Yesterday, I downloaded the first two episodes of the new season of Heroes. I was really excited about watching them, but the quality turned out to be crap. There were a lot of pixelazation issues. (that’s when everything turns onto little boxes), and it looked like crap. I also checked Global’s website (we get Heroes on Global, as well as NBC in Canada), while I could watch it streaming, I couldn’t get a full screen. So I was pissed, and ended up watching the subpar version of the show.

Normally, I’m more interested in the story than how pretty a picture (I know, it doesn’t make sense, if I’m a HD content nut), but the quality was so bad that it was preventing me from enjoying the show. I’ve watched many TV shows through my computer, both downloaded and streaming, but this was friggin awful. I’m sure it would have looked better on an Ipod screen but COME ON. I just need to get the additional shows from somewhere else.

Honestly, I would prefer a legal way to enjoy my shows, but a lot of times, the US networks block the video for me since I’m in Canada, and while CTV is making strides with their streaming video, Global won’t give me a full screen.

I know, that to most people, this seems silly, but as someone who used to work in TV, I take my TV very seriously. I’m tired of all the crap, that I have to do to watch my TV shows legally, so downloading them through Bit Torrent is the only way, but dammit, make those versions good.

Also, for the record, the shows that I like, I usually end up buying the box sets after. I admit there’s some I haven’t purchased YET, like Smallville, but I have bought whole seasons of Battlestar Galatica, Eureka, Firefly, Rescue Me, Jericho, Pink and the Brain, Heroes, Birds of Prey,and a few more. I do have Smallville, That 70’s Show and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a crapload of Star Trek stuff, on my “to buy list”, so while I’m not “buying” the episodes when they come out, I am buying the box sets.

Alright, this whole post when all over the friggin place and I don’t remember what my point was….Oh yeah. NO CRAPPY VIDEO ON THE INTERNET.

My 2 Bytes.

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letti said...

i had missed most of the 2nd season ( although there wasn't much of it ) so I caught up on the weekend before the premiere of the new season, and watched the first 2 episodes on TV. Which doesn't really address the problem of getting HDTV-type Heroes episodes on your big a** screen, but just thought I'd drop by and say hi to a fellow Heroes fan.