Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Let's just throw maturity out the window.

A part of me has always wanted my blog to be relevant and respected, in today’s digital age. A website where many people come to value my opinions. Another part of me wants this blog to be part of my true nature. Guess which side of my brain wanted the ice-skating monkeys posted?

Ok let’s just be honest, throw the respected out the window and be done with it. I’ve just found the coolest/most disgusting thing ever. It’s a giant nose that dispenses shower gel. Seriously you poke the nose and green (yuck) gel comes out of the nostril. I know it’s absolutely disgusting, but I WANT THIS.

Actually, I’d like to have it at work and have it dispense Purell hand sanitizer instead. Ok it would be clear, but it still would look yucky. It would freak everyone out, and I would love it. In fact, whenever a female coworker comes in to ask me for something, I would be “hold on, I need to clean my hands first” and take the nose and rub the goop all over my hands. I guess I’m still 9 years old mentally.

Well maybe a little older because I would put the Shower Breasts in my shower. So I guess, I’m a perverted 9 year old, mentally.

My 2 Bytes.


letti said...

yeah, i can see you having the titty dispenser but maybe not so much the green snot dispenser :P

Olly said...

Green goo oozing out of breasts? I don't see how that could be much of a turn on. Just saying.