Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Clip of the Week (Including my commentary).

Normally I don't blog about a Clip of the Week, but this really pissed me off. So this week John McCain was suppose to be on Letterman, but cancelled at the last minute, saying that he had to go back to Washington to work on the fiscal crisis. Then we find out that McCain LIED about it. In fact during the taping of the show, they cut to a live feed of McCain, with Katie Couric, in a studio just a few blocks away. In fact McCain didn't fly back to Washington until Thursday.

Then the next day, in an interview with a McCain spokesperson Nicolle Wallace said that the campaign "felt this wasn't a night for comedy." When I heard this, the first worlds out of my mouth were CUNT!!! I was so outraged. There's been all this crap about Obama being an elitist, but look who's acting like an elitist now.

I admit that I'm biased on this because I'm a HUGE fan of David Letterman. I've even had the opportunity to sit in on a taping of his show once. I know certain things about Dave. He'll act dumb on the show, but he's a very smart man. So smart, that he was the ability to manipulate the media with little effort. Remember the Oprah/Letterman bit? There were calls nationally for Oprah to appear on the show, and she eventually caved. Dave is going to shame McCain into showing up and apologizing. Personally I hope Dave doesn't have him on the show until AFTER the election.

Also, the McCain campaign acted like Letterman wasn't able to conduct serious interviews. Meanwhile in the past 2 weeks, Letterman's guests included Barack Obama on September 17th and Bill Clinton of September 22rd. Former President Bill Clinton was on the show 2 days before the McCain snub.

On last thing, if Letterman's show is not to be taken seriously why did McCain announce his candidacy on that show in 2007?

This is really going to bite McCain in the ass. Dave being Dave isn't going to let up. He's going to hammer McCain till the election. Letterman does have a huge audience, and a lot of them are probably still undecided, but after what occurred, you think they'll vote for Obama? One last piece of history, many people that Richard Nixon's appearing on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In was key to Nixon willing the 1968 election.

I honestly think that history will show that this move is what will lead to McCain loosing the election. Too bad dumb ass.

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