Thursday, September 25, 2008

Leave Mr Happy Alone

Ok, once again, here’s one of those “where the hell did he find this out posts”. There’s a guy who is suing two doctors for cutting off his penis. Here’s the deal, the guy was going into surgery and they were suppose to do a “circumcision”, but instead they remove the whole thing. I guess the doctors don’t understand the meaning of “take a little of the top”. So apparently, the doctor found something to indicate cancer on his deal and they decided to “remove the threat”.

I hope they guys loose, and loose big time. I don’t care who the hell you are. You DO NOT CUT OFF MR HAPPY WITHOUT CONSENT. They claim that they found caner cells while performing the circumcision, so they decided right there and then, to cut the guy’s Wang off, while he was still under. How arrogant can these people be?

I’ve probably blogged about this before but here goes. Despite every accomplishment a man makes. From building a birdhouse to the largest structure in the world, it all comes down to his penis. The CN Tower in Toronto is actually a huge phallic symbol. It originally wasn’t suppose to have the antenna about the observation bulb, and there were suppose to be 2 large bulbs at the base of it, to represent the boys. Also it was the CN Tower, one of Canada’s national railways and they were all into the “Trains going into Tunnels” thing.

The point, I’m making here (no pun intended, maybe), that each man defines themselves by their Mr. Happy. It’s part of our identity, and some doctor shouldn’t just go cutting the damn thing off, without his consent. After all, is a man, a man, if he doesn’t have a Mr. Happy? So from now on, if I ever have to go into surgery, I’m going to tie a note to my Mr. Happy that says, “DO NOT REMOVE, AND I MEAN THE PENIS, or I’LL SUE YOUR ASS OFF”

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letti said...

You read THIS one yet?

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

After things like this happen, how can doctors keep openly wondering why their malpractise insurance is so high?