Thursday, September 04, 2008

Welcome Isabelle

I just heard via Facebook that Vics, a blogger friend of mine since late 2004/early 2005 has given birth to a little girl, named Isabelle. Well according to the father, I haven’t confirmed it with the person who actually gave birth to the child, but I have a feeling that she’s not up to blogging, or changing me status message on Facebook right now. Anyway I’m really happy for Vics.

While I’m a third of the planet away, (she lives in the UK) so I haven’t had the opportunity meet Vics, her bloke or the new addition, but I do feel like I’ve known them forever (well not the newborn). Actually I’ve been chatting her her online since before she and the bloke got together, and based what I know about him…she’s in such trouble.

I remember one time when I called (actually I haven’t spoken to her in some time and need to do something about that), he answered. Asked for her, and he politely asked who I was, and I told him, to which he replied, one he realized it was me that “Vics was doing her monthly bath, and it was good thing too because she was ripe”. It was at that point when I realized that she found a real winner. During the conversation, I could also hear him screaming “Baboon” in the background, where he allegedly runs round with his pants half down to reveal how “cheeky” he really is. I’ve since received more evidence of this when I sent them Stampede Bandannas last year, to which Stef drew a picture on my Graffiti app on my Facebook page. The picture was of him and Vics wearing the bandannas. Stef in the picture had the back part of his pants down and had a baboon ass.

I haven’t seen pictures of the baby, yet, but I’m sure the proud father will be taking them, and posting them soon. I look forward to seeing them and I’m praying that child looks like her mother. Though I’m sure that dad and baby will have the same hair for a little while.

Even thought I haven’t meet either of these people, and that we’ve only spoken to each other on the phone a handful of times, I do look forward to meeting them face to face. I’m planning a trip to the UK in 2010, probably in the late summer, or early fall. Sure I’d like to go sooner, but I do have a prior commitment next August in Chicago. The probably means that I’m be around when Isabelle hits the “terrible twos”. I’ll probably stay in a hotel across town.

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Stefanio said...

Thanks mate, just for you I'll do the baboon dance when you get over here!

Isabella Aurelia is absolutely stunning but I think she has a great mix of genes to work with!

Pics can be seen on my Flickr account (see my blog to find it).

Who knows wants I've had some sleep I may blog again, this time about the antics of our little girl!

Again thanks for the post.