Thursday, January 10, 2008

We can stop the cows, We have the technology

A little over a year ago, I raised some concerns about Global Warming. Specifically about how the farting cows are one of the causes of this serious issue. Well it appears that I’m not the only one who’s worried about the cows and is looking to do something about it. Some scientist have noted that when kangaroos fart, they do not release methane (a green house gas, I guess), so they’re looking at importing the bacteria that prevents the creation of methane in the kangaroos, to cows. So if the cows stop the nasty farts, we can save the planet. Ok it’s a start.

I really hope this works, that way I won’t have to travel the world to plug all the cow’s butts. I asked for help but Jay won’t help me, because of an undisclosed incident in 94, and I’ve never received any commitment from anyone else. Personally if it does, I know a few other people who could use this bacterium as well.

While this might seem a little silly to some, for me it’s inspiration, it’s nice to see that scientists are working on something other than boob research. I admit I might have a “boob” thing, but there are FAR more important things that should be taken care of, and dammit finding a way to prevent the cows from slowing changing the earth is one of them. So Aussie’s I salute you for your “out of the box” thinking and helping come up with real solutions to Global Warming. Though I still wonder why Al Gore never talked about the cows in that movie. Maybe he just wanted a steak.

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