Monday, January 14, 2008

Something from me

I look forward to the day when I can sleep in again; though I fear that day might be years away. I started a second job this weekend at a grocery store; my hours are 5 to 1. That’s 5:00am to 1:00pm, which means that I’ll only get to sleep in on holidays. One of the things that I’m trying to do is get some money for an advertising budget for the website. I’m starting to do the Google Adwords things and I’m hoping, that I’ll be rewarded for this action VERY SOON.

The second job is very easy actually. It’s not a tasking job, the only issue is that I start at 5:00am. Despite having to drag my ass out of bed that early, I see this as a good thing. Since I’m done at work by 1:00pm, I still have my day, since I would normally sleep in until 10:00-11:00am that day and even then, I would just loaf around until noon. This is time that I would normally piss away but now I’m making money with that time.

To be honest, I’m glad that I’m not sleeping my life away on the weekends anymore. A lot of times, especially on Sunday’s I just park myself on my couch or my TV and do next to nothing. I wouldn’t even bother to get dressed. I would just drag my planet to the couch and watch DVD’s., but now since I’m out of the house, I do stuff., well I plan on it. Yesterday I went home and took a nap, next time I’ll go and buy groceries or something like that. Some of the things I plan to do is invest in the website, pay off some bills and put some cash away for the future.

I guess this is a “me” post; getting into my head, so to speak. Someone once told me that despite reading my blog, that I rarely blog about myself and my life. Sure I’ve mentioned that I work in IT, and I’ve mentioned the site, but I haven’t really blogged about myself. To be honest, if I did blog about all my interests, this place would be an 11 on the geek scale. The last thing I want to do is bore people about what anime, I watch (You must have figured out that I’m a fan of the stuff since I sell the stuff on the website). I like reading comics (though I haven’t done that in a while), I play videogames, and do all around geeky stuff.

It’s not that I’m ashamed of who I am, it’s just that I know that outside certain circles, I’m not …interesting, unless suddenly their computer break, and suddenly I’m their best friend. I usually help these people out because I think it’s the right thing to do (unless they’ve pissed me off), because I like to help people.

I still look forward to a future where my life belongs to me and I’m still convinced that 2008 will be my year, despite the negativity I received from my mom (she thought I should shut the site down because it was costing me money). So I will own 2008, and continue to help my friends out well into 2009.

My 2 Bytes.

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