Monday, January 21, 2008

My Crotch

This morning was really nasty. It was so bad that I was 30 minutes late, and the traffic was slow because of 2 accidents, not to mention that the bus was ‘standing room only”. It was horrible.

So I’m standing up, while the bus heads to work and something occurs to me. The way I’m standing, The woman sitting in the seat close to me is at eye level with my crotch, and the way she’s sitting, and the way I’m standing, she’s basically looking at “my crotch”.

I really didn’t give much thought about it, until a though crossed my mind. What if my fly is down? How do you check for something like that with a woman facing my crotch? If I were to reach down to check, then I’d be touching my crotch which would be just as creepy. It would make me look like a pervert or something. (Note: Yes I know that I AM a pervert, but I’m a closet pervert, which means that I act normally in public).

The thing that really had me concerned was that the fly being down might have been a real issue. I’ve left my apartment in the morning in a semi conscious daze to discover that my fly was down, and I’d make this discover at work. I had these images of the woman suddenly screaming and pointing, and then the police would show up and I would be dragged off to jail for indecent exposure or something; all the while screaming at the woman, “If I was going to flash someone, it wouldn’t be some nasty old bag like you”. Then I would have to contact a lawyer and then work about what had happened.

Well the good news is that my fly was up. Everything was tucked away safely, and I’m not in jail becoming someone’s special friend. Thought from now on I’ll keep an eye on that detail.

My 2 Bytes.

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