Thursday, January 24, 2008

It started as a nice post.

I sit here wondering what to blog about.. yes again. I’m not feeling the creativity flowing despite the need to put something on the screen. I feel the urgency to write…something; something profound perhaps? I somehow doubt that will happen though. I look at the world around me for inspiration, but to no avail. I’m looking through all the standby places to get ideas and while I find potential, I’m not find “pay dirt”, I’m not finding something that makes me say YES (with the hip thrusting motion). Then I found this.

Have a mentioned that I love puppies? Puppies are so cute….

Arghhhh this place is getting to me again. I have never been in a work environment like this; A work environment where people cry…all the time. Again, I can’t mention names and I’m not mentioning where I work, I have never been in such a crazy work environment.

It’s either people getting mad at other people for using certain equipment, people mad because they won’t participate in group gossip, or just outright spitefulness. At one point, I had to disable outgoing calls on one of the extension because people were using it to call their friends and family, and they would talk for HOURS. I swear, I can’t believe how pathetic this place is becoming.

Being in IT, I’m insulated from most of what happens here. Some people talk to me for help, while other people…I think they fear me for some reason. I know that I tend to give of an imposing first impression that is when people see me from a distance. One person told me that she originally avoided me because of it. It wasn’t until she heard from other people about what I’m really like, did she start talking to me, and she’s been a troublemaker ever since (God bless her). However, this place seems more like a high school than a place of business, with Cattiness rating of 11.

Now that I think about it, I need the puppies more and more. A puppy wouldn’t be dishing out this kind of crap. I a puppy would only want to play, be cute and not be a catty. I guess this is why I prefer dogs to cats.

I think this is the reason why I like my second job as well. They’re good people and none of this crap. I feel really bad for HR Lady. She’s suppose to be a Human Resources person, not a Kindergarten Teacher who has to make peace over who should get the ball and who should get the dolly.

Did I mention that these people are adults and parents? God help their kids.

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