Tuesday, March 08, 2005

There finally gone, the stupid curtains.

I hear that they're finally taking down those "Orange Gates" in New York City. Is it just me or did that whole thing seem like a total waste of time and money? Yeah for about 2 weeks that artist known as Cristo (I think that how you spell his name) had "The Gates" up in Central Park and I thought, WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP. Apparently they spent around 30 million dollars to have those things up for 2 weeks. 30 MILLION DOLLARS FOR A BUNCH OF ORANGE CURTAINS ! ! ! BULLSHIT.

Its my opinion that the money could have been spend on a lot more noble things like medical research or building affordable housing for the poor, but instead they use it to put up a bunch of curtain for 2 weeks. BULLSHIT.

There are people, like Oprah who use their money to do good things like building hospitals in Africa. As well people like David Letterman who has chosen to spend his last 3 Christmases bring some cheer to U. S. soldiers half a word away in Afghanistan and Iraq while Cristo put up stupid orange curtains out in a park. BULLSHIT.

People like to do good things and be remembered for many things as well. Oprah will be remembered for her kind heart and her ability to selflessly give herself to many causes. Letterman will be remembered for his humor, his time donated to the U. S. O. and his Scholarship at Ball State University, (always awarded to a student with a C average). Dennis Leary will be remembered for the work he did for helping families of firefighters who died in the line of duty. Cristo will be remembered for orange curtains. BULLSHIT.

I think what really annoys me about this guy is that Letterman extended an invitation for him to be on the show and he was INSULTED that he was asked at such a late day. WHAT A POMPOS ASS. There's one thing to have a good self image but when you start believing the hype people have about you, then there's a real problem. Oh and if he really does think he's that important, then he can suck the sweat from my ORANGE CURTAINS. BULLSHIT.

As well, New York City police had to station people around the park in order to watch this stupid thing. Now what I want to know is where these police officers were supposed be stationed if they weren't guarding "The Gates". Shouldn't they be out protecting the people of the city instead of guarding orange curtains? BULLSHIT.

Basically I think the whole thing was a waste of time and the only good that came out of it was that the hot dog vendors did extremely well in sales while the curtains were up. Well at least you had a place to wipe your hands if you got some mustard on them.

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