Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Opus is back and no one told me????

Last Sunday I was shocked by the return of Opus to the Sunday comics. Apparently this actually occurred back in 03 but my local paper only started to carry it recently. My question is 'WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THIS BEFORE???????'

I've always loved the old Bloom County and to suddenly see a new strip shocked the hell out of me, but then I wondered if it would have the same 'bite' as before and I was quickly rewarded by third panel by the words 'Michael Moore's Cleavage'. YES ITS BACK I though.

Now the problem, I searched and searched online to find an archive of the strip but there isn't any. Apparently Berkeley Breathed doesn't want his creation online. NOOOOOOOO. This means that I have to actually buy a newspaper on Sundays in order to read this strip. Buy a newspaper? That' so 20th Century people. Yuck but I will do what I must.

Though I did fine one comic on his website and I loved it. Dick Chenney dressed up a giant hamster. YES !!!! Perhaps one day I'll have to discuss what comes out of my anxiety closet as well.

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