Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm sick of these anti tech dumbasses

Well the shit has reached the Supreme Court of the United States. What shit am I talking about? The bullshit with the record and movie companies trying to make P2P (peer to peer) technology illegal. Now some people might think it’s simply an issue of trying to prevent piracy, but its not. It’s something far bigger than that. It’s the right of the tech industry to create new innovations without some grease ball movie producer having a say in wither that technology can go to market or be evolved. Can you guess which side I’m on?

The good news is that right now the Supreme Court is grilling the money grubbing scum movie producers about hindering the tech market in creating new products. So hopefully the Supreme Court will side with every other court ruling and side with Grokster. I think that the price of ruling in the movie companies favor will be too high.

Personally I’m sick of hearing this crap from the MPAA and the RIAA about how their industry is doomed. Well guess what. Any industry that fails to meet with the changes in the market is destined to be doomed. If the music industry were to embrace this new form of distribution instead of fighting it, then perhaps they would be in better shape. I hear that I-Tunes and other online music sites make a lot of money.

Another company that made the transition to the digital era rather well is Kodak. They used to be the king of film photography but as they noticed that the industry was going digital, they too went that route by creating new technology to meet the needs of digital photography, from printer paper to digital cameras. Kodak is still an industry leader because they managed to change with the times.

Oh and anyone bothered to buy a stagecoach lately? Seems like that market has dried up. It appears to me that the film and recording industry wants to sell stagecoaches in the 21st century. Its time to adapt to the times people.

With this argument, a lot of emphasis is placed on the Betamax ruling, back in 1984. It basically said that the VCR manufacturers were not liable for the misuse of their product. Back then, the film industry claimed that the VCR was going to cause their demise. Well we all saw the effects of that. A whole new industry was created (ever been to Blockbuster?) and movies tended to make more on release to VHS (and now DVD) than they did on the first run in movie theatres. Oh and now whole seasons of TV shows are now being released on DVD. Now tell me again how the film and television is hurting with this new market. The Family Guy is being brought back to broadcast television because DVD sales did so well.

So film and music industry, I want you guys to stop with the ‘sky is falling’ doom predictions and shut up and release a Batman Beyond box set of all the episodes so I can buy the damn thing.

My 2 bytes.

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