Monday, March 07, 2005

I need a hug

This day sucked, BIG TIME. Zip did not sending a DVD to me after I returned another one and my list is now short 1 DVD now and I have to e-mail Zip about it tomorrow but that's not the reason today sucked. It sucked becasuse someone was nice enough to rub the fact that I still work there in my face.

I want out of there so bad, and someone ridiculed me over the fact that I'm still there really pissed me off. Almost to the point that I nearly knocked him on his ass, despite the fact that he's a superior (well not to me he's not). I will be victorious and leave.

MMM after writing that, I do feel somewhat better. Actually today when I got home, some stuff I requested from an IT head hunter company came in and I think its time to take the next step and meet with these people, one on one. I'm going to make a phone call tomorrow before work. I promise this to myself.

One of the difficulties of finding a job is that I'm always working my damn ass off and I'm not always up to doing the search thing but now…. Basically I'm going to show that guy and get the hell out of there, start a new life and then go on a huge friggin vacation somewhere I have never been before. Somewhere far away.

Ok I was feeling really bad initially but now I'm ready to smack this guy around. Mock me will you? Well screw yourself you stupid piece of crap. Don't ever try mess with me again or I'll do something nasty. .

Anyway I do feel somewhat better, now perhaps some chocolate mint ice cream would help, (just a bit, I have too much and I start to dislike it).

My 2 bytes.

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