Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Martha's Back

Well it's been 5 months and Martha Stewart is back. I hear that she's already making TV appearances and I'm hoping soon she will be starting her new show soon. I'm looking forward to hearing about the lovely cozy she made for her shiv.

I saw a picture of her and she wasn't wearing that ankle bracelet. I guess it wasn't placed on her yet, at the same time, there wasn't any sign of any prison tattoos.

I hear that the stock price of her company has gone up to $33 a share. WOW, all that from spending 5 months in the slammer.

I'm looking forward to the new show where she can talk about how to create new crafts with sporks and hearing prison stories, because there's nothing women enjoy more than getting recipes and hearing prison stories. I'm looking forward to the story about the time she shived a snitch.

There also has been talk about the weight she lost and now some STUPID people are asking how she did it? SHE WAS IN JAIL STUPID. She ate what they gave her and made her work her ass off, cleaning toilets dumbass. Just watch, in 6 months, we'll be hearing about the new prison diet. This is almost as bad as the Britney Spears quote about traveling overseas to tour other countries like CANADA.

Anyway, welcome back Martha. I hope to see her on Letterman soon. She's an ex con now and I bet she could beat the crap out of him if she wanted.

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