Thursday, March 17, 2005

Paddy's Day

Well it's St Patrick's Day and I didn't drink any green beer, nor did anyone kiss my Blarney Stones. Oh well; such is life I guess. I've always had the image of friends getting together having a couple of beers in the honor of the holiday but alas not me, because I work during the evenings YUCK !!!

Isn't this the time of year where everyone becomes Irish like … Dennis Leary, Conan O'Brien and ….Skinhead (Sinead) O'Conner. Ok I'm not too familiar with people who are Irish. Whoops I forgot whatshisface…Colin Farrell. Yeah he's a cool guy actually.

Ok this isn't a major holiday here but it's a nice festive thing to have and while other places show their Irish background more than here, it's still a nice tradition. In Chicago, they die the river green for the day and no one is sure how they do it and they have parades, which is cool but you don't see too many cowboys talking about their Irish background.

As I recall, many Irish came over to "The New World" and got a raw deal originally and were treated like second class citizen, though they did work hard at building this country as well as the U.S. so I feel that celebrating their holiday is a just thing. So Happy St Paddy's day people.

Ok this is going to be short because the blogosphere writer's block continues but I will push on. Thank god tomorrow is Photo Friday so I have an extra day to come up with something.

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