Sunday, March 27, 2005

I'm no fashion expert but I know crap when I see it.

Will someone please tell me who in their right minds would wear this thing? Oh and can someone please tell me why I sound like one of the "Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy" hosts. I know that I'm not gay but come on here. This shirt is absolutely horrid. This shirt says "I stay home all day and watch lame ass game shows". This shirt should only be worn by seniors only.

Anyway I found this at the CBS store's website and I thought. UHHHH. Oh I'm not saying that everything is garbage on that site (I still wear my Late Show baseball cap with pride) but come on here. Who needs "Young and the Restless" Boxers or a "Bold and the Beautiful" golf towel. Who buys this stuff and more importantly how many velvet portraits of Jesus hang in their home.

You know I wonder how long for people to come up with bad marketing ideas like this. How long did it take people to come up with "The Guiding Light" T-Cup and saucer. Then again bad ideas tend to make a lot of money. How many people bought that stupid "Clapper" thing. People saw the commercial with the old lady clapping her hands and though, "Yeah I can clap and not have to get my lazy ass out of bed to turn off a light as well". Then you get used to clapping, go to a neighbors house and try it and you end up looking like a moron.

Well I've looked through all the stuff at the CBS website and yep, not impressed. Though if anyone wants to buy me something, just for the heck of it, the long sleeved "Amazing Race" T-Shirt would be nice... I mean not as bad.

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