Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I'm number two and three

Well for the fun of it, I’ve decided to Google “Tales from the Great White North” and see if I could come up. In the past, It wasn’t showing up at all, which sort of pissed me off but then I manually put in my blog title into the blog’s meta tag (look it up, I’m not explaining it, it’s too geeky for here). After awhile things started to change and my people could soon type my blog name into a search engine to get here.

Today I Googled “Tales from the Great White North” and I came in third. Respectable I guess but the first place selection seemed to be a dead link, (for some northern tour company I think) and the second was from someone talking about Nunavut and to be honest, that is the True North. Calgary is Florida compared to Nunavut, wayyyy up north in the tundra So I’ll concede third

Then I used Yahoo and tried the same thing and came in second. Looking better I thought. Then to my shock, I discovered that my title wasn’t unique. There was another Tales from the Great White North blog on Blogger. What the… I though. No. I had it first. It was mine, I thought. So I went through this other blog and the guy from Michigan and he’s only posted a handful of times since August. How dare he come before me??? What does he know of the Great White North. Then I saw it. His blog URL had great north in it. Canuck wannabe.

So next I tried Ask Jeeves and once again I came in second The Nunavut thing came in first and there was no sigh of the fake Tales from the Great White North. I didn’t even show up on MSN Search so they suck now. Actually I put the title in quotes and tried again and my site didn’t show up either but for some reason. “Give me the Booger” came in second. SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME??? Is this because the feds have been visiting your site SJ?.

Well it appears that I’m finally starting to man an impact on the WWW so I’m overly pleased with myself.

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