Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I almost forgot about this guy

I read in the paper today that Dave Coulier is playing Yuk Yuk's this weekend. How the mighty have fallen. I remember thinking that this guy was crap in Full House and in that other show that was on after America Funniest Home Videoes and now he's playing Yuk Yuks, I'm pretty sure the room can only accommodate 250 people at the most. I almost feel sorry for the guy. Actually he loves hockey so I guess he's ok. He was the only good guy on the show.

I remember him as "Uncle Joey" in that show and it did go on for many seasons and I hear that Full House is being released on DVD soon, so I hope he gets a cut of the sales, though that doesn't mean that I'm buying a copy. NOPE Nadda, not going to happen.

Though if he really needs some cash or work, you'd think he's call the Olsen Twins? I can imagine him calling them up while drunk out of his skull, "HEY BITHCES. I HAD TO DEAL WITH YOUR F**CKING DROOL NOW GIVE ME SOME MONEY OR I START TALKING TO THE NATIONAL INQUIROR" ,Naw but I can only hope.

Actually I checked out his site www. cutitout. com (didn't see that coming) and he seems to be doing a lot of family friendly programming which isn't something you don't see every day and I say, WAY TO GO DAVE. The site talks about a show he has on PAX, though I don't get PAX on my dish (or in Canada).

Oh when you go to his site, check out his pic, no more baby faced Joey. He looks like a normal guy now. Who knew he could grow facial hair. Oh and he plays hockey so he's cool.

I wish the guy success and while the show probably sold out, I might see if I can get tickets. but he likes hockey so he's cool so don't mess with him

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