Thursday, October 11, 2007

The site

Why is it despite my efforts to work on a way to become self sufficient that part of me tries to sabotage myself? Is it because I’m too lazy or is it something else? For example, when I first moved into my new place, I thought to myself ”cool, now I can swim in the pool and use the work out room to help get myself in shape”. Well guess what, I’ve been in the building for 6 months now and I’ve yet to go into the workout room. I tried to go into the pool once, but it was closed. So is faith conspiring against me?

The thing lately is the website. I’ve had weeks where I’ve worked on it, and other weeks that I’ve left it alone. I know that I need to be doing stuff like a, b, and c, but for some reason when it’s something new that I haven’t done before, I need to push myself to do it. I’m not going to bore you all with the specific details, because I hate having people’s eyes glaze over when I talk or write about something, but its stuff I need to do. Stuff to get traffic to my site to get people to buy stuff.

The thing that is really pissing me off is that Google usually takes a year to fully include a website into their search, and I only submitted the site to Google in August. Now I’ve been doing other things to promote the site and some people have been nice to link it to their own blogs, and I’ve very thankful for that, but I want it NOW.

I’ve try not to blog about Space Station Anime on purpose because I figure that my regulars would get sick of it. They’d be going, “aww shit, he’s going on about the damn e-store again”, but dammit I’m overdue.I've recently purchased a second domain, and that's going to be a e-commerce site, but I don't really want start on this one until Space Station is getting traffic, and when that happens, I'll be twice as not busy.

I've also found another way to promote the site, but I only do it when someone pisses me off. Sometimes when I'm playing City of Heroes, I will receive a tell, which is a message, from a stranger telling me to go to their site so i can buy ... Now this really pisses me off and it has come to the point that the makers of the game have made it really easy to report these guys because they're not suppose to be doing this. Anyway what I do when I get their tell spam, is send the following reply “Love Anime?, Then come to www.spacestationanime for all your Anime DVD needs”. Yes I spam the spammer and everyone in my SG (or Super Group, or Clan for players of other games) thinks its priceless, until I spam the team, but they all know it's in good fun.

Now your wondering why I'm playing an online game when I should be working on “the store”, my answer. I need to relax sometimes.

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