Monday, October 29, 2007

Cat's dont need to hate Mondays

Everyone knows that Monday’s suck. It’s just a factor of life. Monday is just a day that blows because it’s so far away from Friday and the weekend, but I’ve been wondering about one thing? Why does Garfield the cat hate Monday’s? I mean really, who gives a crap that a lazy fat cat hates Mondays?

Let’s look at this whole cat hating Monday’s thing. This stupid cat doesn’t have a job. All this stupid cat does is sleep, eat, and watch TV. Someone sign me up to be a cat people. This sounds like a pretty good gig. So why would a cat hate Mondays? Is Monday TV that bad? Nope, that’s when Heroes is on. I look forward to Monday night. Does the Lasagna taste bad on Monday? Somehow I doubt it, so why should a stupid cat care about it being Monday? Tell you what Mr. Garfield, GET A JOB OTHER THAN LAYING AROUND ON YOUR ASS ALL DAY EATTING AND WATCHING TV ALL DAY AND THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT HATING MONDAYS.

My 2 Deranged Bytes.

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