Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tales from the Great White North is Literature

It’s a new day…or some crap like that. I find myself lost for words right now. I’m not sure what to blog about so I’ve decided to wing it. Wing it has produced many great posts, such as the nipples on mannequins post to many other depraved works of literature. Is a blog post literature?

So I’ve looked up literature using the “lookup function” in Word and the first definition I get is “written works with artistic value” then it goes on abut drama, fiction…blaa blaa blaa, and it ends that it has to be “recognized as having important or permanent artistic value”. Recognized by whom I ask? By some snobby old guy with a lot of old books like the guy who hosts Masterpiece Theatre? I admit that the rant about the guy in the business suit in front of me at Safeway might not be considered literature, but the Bad Catholic post came from my heart as well as my mind. So Old Buzzards, stay away from my blog. You and your snobbish ways are not welcome here.

Then I looked at the second definition, “body of written works” and then it goes on “the body of written works of a culture, language, people or period of time” and give the example of Russian literature. So snobby old coots with big ass libraries be damned, my blog is now literature. It can be defined as “Canadian Literature” or better yet, “Early Blogosphere Literature”. In fact I now embrace that title. Tales from the Great White North is now Blogosphere Literature. WOOT. Now I feel a need to enjoy a Cappuccino, and act all fancy and snobby at a Starbucks or Second Cup.

Actually this feels like a shallow victory. I was hoping that I would have to fight for my right to have my blog labeled “Literature”, but it was just handed to me. This is no fun winning this easy, then again it beats hours of begging (not that I beg, I never beg, I mean never mind).

Awhile back I remember blogging about an online friend who is a published author. It was a work of fiction and there was a point in the book where they were talking about Werewolves shitting all over the living room, so I think I this blog can be defined as literature.

The remaining problem is that you can't take my blog to the bathroom to read, but then again, that might be a good thing

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