Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things that I won't blog about.

Aw crap. I can’t think of anything to blog about again. Sheesh, you think I’d be able to pull this stuff out of my ass and no I’m not going to blog about my ass. While there are many things that I would blog about, there are some subjects that I will avoid, because…I don’t want to talk about them.

One thing I’m not comfortable about is blogging about “doing the nasty”. Sure I’ve indirectly talked about “the nasty” by referring to certain products, I would never actually talk about my experiences where I’ve “laid some pipe”, or “sent out for sushi”. It‘s just doesn’t seem right.

I also would never blog about how I shouldn’t eat bananas because of the adverse side effects that I and people around me would experience. Anyway I would never blog about that.

I would never blog about I haven’t stepped into a McDonald's since the incident with the Hepatitis A, and had to get those 2 needles.

I will never blog about the fall of Mark Hamill. He was Luke Skywalker dammit and now what does he do? He used to do the voice of the joker in the Batman cartoon and he did play himself in that one episode of The Simpsons…but where is he now? He should write Star Wars novels dammit. He’s make a killing.

I would never blog a list of women I want to “boink”. The issue is that everyone would just go EWWWWW!!!!

I would never blog how I sniff a permanent felt tip marker to get a quick high at work. Oh and if I get in trouble, I’d just say, “the HR lady gave it to me”.

I would never blog about my psoriasis, but if I were, it would be able how’s it’s going away and how I’m looking forward to using the damn pool in my building. I’ve lived there for almost a year and yet I’ve haven’t gone swimming yet.

I won’t blog about how my feet stink after working at the grocery store, wearing the black socks and those shoes for my 4 or 8 hour shift. It’s so bad that I need to wash my feel when I get home.

I will never blog about my poop.

Well I’m sure there are other things that I would never blog about, but next time I’ll be more positive.

Oh and people, give Mark Hamill a chance.

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