Thursday, March 20, 2008

This thing is creepy

Note: I’ve been suffering from bloggers block for sometime, so what I’ve decided to do is go back to basics. Stop trying to blog about myself and go back to the absurd and “potentially” naughty. You’ve been warned.

So I’m looking for inspiration for things to blog about, by going online and going to a few sites that I haven’t been too in a while. It was there that I found, the Area 51 Love Doll. WHO THE HELL THINKS OF THESE THINGS!!!!

So I’m looking at the picture of the package and I’m thinking, “there are some really strange perverts out there”. Seriously this green inflatable companion has three boobs. THREE BOOBS!!!! I remember seeing that in Total Recall and to be honest, I was creeped out by it. Two boobs, normal, three boobs, strange. Yuck. Oh and these boobs are huge, so this alien must have some serious back problems, or it’s from a planet with less gravity than ours. Bottom line, CREEPY!!!!

I also noticed that it has 2 navels, no biggie there, it was by the words “3 out of this world love holes”. I’ve never heard the term “love hole” before, and I hope to never hear it again. LOVE HOLE!!! That’s just a nice way of saying “a place to stick your deal in”.

So three holes, and I noticed that her (I guess it’s technically a her) mouth actually another…yeah that. So how does this thing eat? How does this thing…never mind, I just got a nasty thought in my head. Ok there are some sick people out there.

Oh and good news, it comes with free alien lube. I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was green. Yuck.

So let’s review, this love doll has three boobs, two navels and 2 …cha chas.; one of them on her face. Who the hell would want this thing? I think their aiming at the sci-fi loving, living in their parent’s basement crowd. There are the same dweebs who are visit the nude Klingon sites (go look for them yourselves).

Now here’s the interesting thing, you can buy this thing Amazon for less than $30. So that’s actually in the basement dwellers price range, who usually have minimum wage jobs. So they might be selling a lot of these things. Selling them to “backed up”, sci-fi watching, comic book reading, video game playing, basement dwelling virgin geeks.

Maybe it’s not a bad marketing ideas, but dammit, if the comic book guy from The Simpsons were to try thing, he’d kill it.

Bottom line, this thing is disgusting.

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