Monday, March 10, 2008


So I had a week off. It was nice to get away from the main job, though I still did the weekend job, but still. 5 days off isn’t a bad thing. Anyway I’m back and things are as usual. BLEECH.

So today I’m using a box cutter to open a box and OUCH. I cut my finger…again. Let me explain. I have a history of cutting my finger with this knife, from little cuts to removing of flesh from my finger. This knife has a thirst for blood, my blood and somehow I think that the knife’s thirst will ever be quenched. So today I’m wearing a band aid.

Actually it’s a good thing that I work for a pharmaceutical wholesaler. That way there are always bandages, Polysporin, and all that other stuff. The problem is that my injuries always seem to come from “that knife”

At home I have sharps things, including a meat cleaver but I never hurt myself on those things, I only hurt myself on that stupid box cutter knife.

Maybe I have the Vampire Box Cutter in my desk and I don’t realize it. Perhaps it’s collecting enough blood to be used in a ceremony to bring forth the Anti-Christ. Perhaps I’m being clutzy.

Either way, once again, I have a boo boo on one of my fingers.

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