Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stupid Mannequins

Yesterday I’m in a mall, to pick up a prescription when I look through the windows of one of the many shops and I see nude chrome mannequins. Now I’ve never liked those things, even as a kid I would have nightmare about the damn things, but now they’re making them headed and out of chrome?

I wanted to take a picture but I figured that security would ban me from the mall for taking pictures of naked mannequins, and wouldn’t that be something to explain to my mom and dad when they come to visit. “Sorry mom, I’m banned from that mall because I took pictures of naked mannequins.

So here’s my theory. These are suppose to be headless fembots, and when dressed, everyone will want to wear those clothes, because the look good with the gold or silver chrome of the mannequins. Maybe people are less offended by naked chrome mannequins as opposed to naked flesh coloured mannequins. While I did seem to like the way that the mannequin’s boobs were shaped, I did feel safe knowing that there weren’t any nipples on the things. I’ve sorry, but seeing hard nipples on mannequins freaks me out. I don’t need to see a horny mannequin who’s ready to party.

The more I think about it, the safer I feel about chrome mannequins. They’re less human and don’t threaten me as a result. Besides, I’m pretty sure that they’re plastic and I could easily smash them if they attacked. The wooden flesh coloured ones would be more of a threat.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. The rise of the nippleless chrome plastic mannequins; and the fall of the freaky flesh coloured nipple bearing wooden mannequins. I feel better already.

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