Monday, February 28, 2005

Right Now

First thing. I enjoyed my weekend even though I never posted but I decided to give myself some time away but I'm back.

It seems that there are a bunch of little "quizzes" floating around the blogosphere and I've done a couple of them myself, from my music tastes to stuff of a more intimate nature (That means SEX! ! ! ). Anyway, I was listening to the radio and that Van Hagger song "Right Now" came on(It's not Van Hallen unless David Lee Roth is singing) and I came up with an idea. What is going on Right Now? So here's my idea. I encourage my readers (actually I'm begging) to post 5 things that are occurring "Right Now" in their lives on their blog (Feel free to cut and paste but really! ! ! ).


Right Now, I'm hoping that someone will call me soon for a job interview so I can quit the shitty job I have now.

Right Now, I wish I would wave my hands in the air, say "Abracadabra" and my apartment would me nice and clean.

Right Now, I'm spending too much time playing Grand Theft Auto and I need to get out more.

Right Now, I'm disgusted with the price of dress shirts, $50 plus for a damn shirt that I'll only wear to job interviews and "formal" occasions. Give me a break.

Right Now, I just realized that I didn't watch the Oscar's last night and to be honest. I really don't give a crap.

Well this is my first attempt to…basically create a chain letter now that I think about it. Well I look forward to seeing if it goes anywhere. Ok I'm no Michele (the Michele sent me thing is the best idea I've ever seen), but who knows.

So Right Now, I'm hoping that this doesn't BOMB! ! ! .

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