Saturday, February 12, 2005

Another Hockey Strike Rant (Sorry Everyone but I need to get this out)

Personally I'm sick of hearing the same crap over and over again when it comes to this Hockey Strike. Honestly, at this point I just want it to end. Cancel the whole season and we can get on with our lives.

Right now I just want to string up Goodenow by his feet and beat the crap out of him. That greedy bastard is responsible for this mess. He's the one who's been feeding the players all this BULLSHIT about how they are worth all this cash. How the greed of the players has created a situation where the league cannot afford to continue to operate.

There's always the other side where people are claiming that the owners are greedy but let me say this. These people invest tens of millions of dollars every year into the team that they own and is it wrong for the owners to want a return on that investment? Let's face it, it is a business and the owners are taking a risk here, not the players.

Another thing is the attitude of these players. They have this "WOOO look at me, I can skate and shoot a puck in the net now pay me 2 million dollars a year". There are people like Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics as well as soldiers of the Canadian Armed Forces who serve as UN Peace Keepers, not to mention the troops of my neighbors to the south, who have people in Iraq right now. These people constantly put themselves in 'harms way' for the sake of duty and helping people and they make far less than the minimum salary of an NHL player. Then they start to whine about a 30 million dollar a year salary cap per team. GO TO HELL GUYS. GO GET A REAL JOB LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Though no one has said it yet 'officially' but there is talk about replacement players for the next season. As far as I'm concerned. Let's do it. These guys will play with a lot more heart than these jackasses in the NHLPA. My brother still plays in 'fun' leagues and he enjoys it. My parents go to see Jr Hockey where they live. I also enjoy Jr Hockey because these people play because they love the game. It's not about Greed. It's about the love of the game. Someone needs to tell Bob Goodenow that. He's a businessman and not a hockey player.

So basically there is life without hockey and while it would be nice to see these guys play, I'm not holding my breath. Its going to last a long time and we are going to have replacement players before this end. My message to the players is this. The Salary Cap is going to happen, so deal with it.

My 2 bytes.

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