Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Its finally over, thank you Jackass

There are people I meet and I wonder, how do they have the brain power to form words, let alone sentences. You listen to them talk and you wonder how do they prevent the drool from dripping out of their mouths. You wonder how they managed to arrange their hair to hide their slopped forehead. As well how many times a day, do they say “duh”? It seems that I encounter these people on a regular basis. I see them walking through the mall, dragging their dumb children around (they’re spreading their dumb genes) or just doing dumb things in general. What is starting to worry me is that these people are breeding and the smart ones aren’t. This is basically my “peeing in the gene pool” theory.

Well today they made it official (FINALLY) and canceled the entire 2004-05 NHL Hockey season. Good, I’m sick of it (just as everyone is sick of me talking about it, but its Canadian Identity that requires me to talk about it). I was walking through a mall today and people were gathered around a TV, which was showing a press conference in regards to the cancellation of the season and everyone had the same reaction. It was about time. Everyone was tired of it. Tired of the greed the players were showing. Everyone around me knew that the NHL is having money problems. A few years ago, we nearly lost out team. They didn’t have the money to keep operating but the fans showed their support and bought the season tickets needed to keep the Flames in Calgary. We know the score, so were not buying the ‘greedy owners’ theory.

Now the players also know this is going on. A few years ago, Ottawa was having problems meeting their salary. They needed advances from the NHL to pay the players. Tell me again that it’s the greedy owners. Now I heard a comment from a NHL player saying something along the line of “we’ll be on strike as long as it takes”. Well you go right ahead and then get a real job stupid. These guys have it all. They make for more money than you and I and yet, they are still playing this billshit game. Maybe it’s the bad genes or perhaps it’s the steroids affecting their brains. Either way I don’t care anymore. Let’s get the replacement players in the training camps as soon as possible and let the stupid, slopped foreheads stay on strike, play in Europe for less than half of what they would have been making in the NHL or better yet, get a real job. Oh and stop drooling on the microphone during press conferences you retards.

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