Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm out and about....ok it's yadda yadda,

I'm mall blogging today, just because I couldn't take my apartment. It's not the apartment itself, but the lack of people in the place that was driving me crazy. So right now I'm at the food court of South Center Mall, using their free Wi-Fi to blog (since I'm using their free Wi Fi, the least I can do is post a link). However, while I'm with people, I'm still alone. I don't know any of these people. I'm not having a conversation with anyone, but at least there are people around.

I also went to the doctor to see if my medication was in, nope. She said I should have called, but I just wanted to talk to someone who knew my name.

Actually I need to go to Cheers, where they would yell my name as I entered the establishment. What I want to know is how could Norm frequent that bar so many times and not be a frigging alcoholic. Anyways....

I'm not sure which malls have free Wi-Fi in town but it's easy to check. I know that the airport does, so maybe I'll try to blog there again.

I've been thinking about my options again. It turns out that once the Unemployment Benefits start, I can look into taking some courses to upgrade my skills. Stuff that I want to do, but I either don't have the time, or the money...or surprise...BOTH.

I'm trying to be positive about this, I really am, but let's face it. Life is hard sometimes. I think I know who to blame, the Night. It seems to me that my mood goes bad after the sun goes down, which is fairly early in these parts. Last night, when I went to bed, I even wished that I wouldn't wake up again. Alright, I'm not suicidal; well not really, but the word has passed from my lips for quite awhile, but enough about that. That all comes back to my self worth being related to my bank account, and I know it.

I've been toying with other ideas as well. Maybe I can write a book? Why not? Heck, I can even write it as a blog, write a page a day, and post it on a blog, which I'll post and who knows...maybe it will get published or something. Maybe a comical book. After all I'm a smart guy then I'll publish it with and sell it on Amazon. Who knows what will happen. At the least, I can add author to my resume. Who knows, maybe I could make a career of it and become a professional writer, and buy a home in the country like Stephen King or something. Then I'll be able to take that shameful donate button off the blog.

It's something to do with my time, I'm only spend an hour or two job searching a day. I like this idea. I just need to figure out what my premise is.

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