Monday, August 27, 2007

My words. My time. Bacn and Bacon

I have a new annoying habit. It involves constantly checking the site to see if I have any customers yet. I know that I should expect customers for at least a month, but nonetheless I’ve been checking the site every hour to confirm that I DON’T HAVE ANY CUSTOMERS YET.

I’m also doing other things though, like adding products to the site and promoting the site (in ways I cannot tell you), and I know that it will takes weeks for the site to appear. I tried typing the site title into Google and NOTHING, which is what I expected, but dammit. I want this to work NOW.

Ok why isn’t dammit in Microsoft Word’s dictionary? I hate it when words that I know exist do not appear in the Word dictionary. It’s really annoying to have to manually say that words like Blogger, Dammit, and Orgasmic (ok that one showed up) don’t appear in Word. It’s so bad that I have to go to Google to get the proper spelling of a word. Why does Microsoft Word have to suck so much?

For example, a author of hard core porn is typing on word, writing his smutty story and then he wants to use a descriptive word and then Microsoft kicks in and says that is not a word. We’ll guess what? Felching is a word people. It’s not a good word, but it’s a good nonetheless. Oh and I dare you to type that word into Google. Then again, I might have misspelled it. I’m at work and there’s no way in hell I’m Googling it here.

Here’s another word, Googling. Like it or not, it’s now a word. I know that right now; a lot of English teachers’ heads are spinning, screaming that it’s not a word, BUT IT IS AND YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT.

For hundreds of years, the English language has been using the same rules, and it hasn’t been until the Internet Generation, that these rules have started to change, despite the efforts of a bunch of grumpy old men. What I really love is how “txting” has changed how we communicate.

Just today, I learned a new Internet term called “Bacn” pronounced bacon. Bacn is e-mail is e-mail that you signed up for but never got around to unsubscribe to and you just delete it. What I like about Bacn is the missing O. A salute to Web 2.0 where the apps name usually are missing the last vowel, like in Flickr.

I love it when the rules change and stuffy old people are left in the lurch.

Then only concern I have now is Porn in HD. Do we really need that much detail?

My 2 Bytes.

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