Thursday, August 02, 2007

I do it to myself

Everyone knows that I love playing City of Heroes, but no many people have ever asked me why. Why do I love that game? It’s time to tell everyone the truth. I have super powers. The problem with my super powers is that I can’t control them. My subconscious controls my super powers, and cause of this. IT MAKES MY LIFE A LIVING HELL.

My first power is the power to project my thoughts and control people. Again, I have no control over these powers so this is what happens. I decide I want to buy Item A in a store, so I go to get this item. What happens next is my super powers kick in and they make EVERYONE in the store want that same item. Next thing you know, there’s a huge group of people in front of what I want to buy so I can’t get it. This power even works when there’s only one other person in the store. That person will go to the lane I need and block access to what I want to buy. THIS HAPPENS EVERYTHING SINGLE TIME.

Also, when I’m walk around, my powers make people stand in my way. If there are only one or two people near me, they will move and deliberately stand in my path. Children are particularly vulnerable to my powers, in fact they will start to cry and lay down on the ground in front of me, impeding my journey. THIS ONLY HAPPENS TO ME.

I’m still trying to figure out why this happens to me. I’ve considered bad karma, a magnetic field and ever a curse, but I’m sure that it’s super powers, because it would prove that I’m doing this to myself

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