Thursday, August 23, 2007

It because Yadda Yadda

Remember when I said I was going to start with part 2 of the website project. Well I’ve only been at part 2 for a few hours and it already sucks. I know that I have to work at my business before I get rewarded, but I WANT THE MONEY NOW!!! Ok I’m not going to blog about the site again. Instead I’m going to blog about the little toy helicopter that’s on my desk. Vrmmm Vrmmm. Ok, maybe not.

Despite the frustrations that I’ve been feeling lately, I’m still feeling good about myself. Once again, I’ve taken the road less traveled. I’ve always been the person to try something different. I tend to be the guy people know who did something different. I was the guy who went to New York to see Letterman. I was the guy who worked in Television. I was the guy who went out and got a Bachelor of Science. I’m also the guy who sometimes overextends himself. I’ve spend far more on the website than I met too, and I need to see some return soon, say in the next few months, but don’t worry I have other options. I’m not screwed by any means; I just want the business to take off.

I need things to take off so I can relax a bit and start on my next project, another website. I’d be crazy if I thought that I could live off of a single website. Nope, I want to create a series of sites, so I’ll have multiple forms of income.

Aww crap, I didn’t want to talk about the site. I wanted to talk about …the little helicopter sitting on my desk. Wrrmmm Wrmmmm.

Yuck the inside of my shoes smell awful.

The spell check on Word sucks. Sometimes I put the misspelled word in Google and get the right results.

Grrr I’m lost again.


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