Thursday, August 16, 2007


Aright, I get the message. I know the blog has been suffering as of late, but someone didn’t have to go as far and say that it was putting her into a comma. At least that’s what she wrote on my Facebook wall. Then again how much creditability does someone have when their Facebook picture is of themselves in a straight jacket? I am trying though.

The summer has been a little blaa I guess. I’m already out of holidays because I used most of them in the spring to do my apartment hunting in the spring so my batteries are low on juice.

I guess it doesn’t help with the frustration I’ve been feeling over getting the credit card processing online with the website (which is STILL NOT live), but I’m going to go with a temporary PayPal solution, though it could develop into a permanent solution depending on some options that PayPal might be able to provide for me.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a smelly old dog to blog about nor do I have 15 orgasms to blog about either. Again I’ve been trying to blog but the creative juices are not happening right now. I mean, sure I could write something about the drug addict punks who wander the streets outside my building after dark but what’s the point. I’m actually hoping that the snow comes sooner, that way they are less likely to be out. I could blog about how I’ve been looking at the flyers advertising condo’s in Kelowna and I’ll be honest, Kelowna is looking pretty damn good right now; a gated community in Kelowna, where I could learn to become a wine snob. All I would need is a trophy wife, or one of those (I'm kidding, I swear).

I'm just pissed off that things aren't working about as expected, (big surprise), but I've always been able to get through it. This time, it wasn't an obstacle, it was a HUGE frigging wall, with no way around it, until now. Oh I know that it will work because I already tested it, so I'm “officially” going live on Monday. That includes doing all the finishing touches on the site by, then registering the site with the search engines and start promoting the damn thing. I can always switch the payment system around after.

What really pisses me off now is the fact that I was hoping to be able to quit my job very soon, but since I'm months behind schedule, I'll probably will have to push the quitting time back that amount as well. So I'm officially moving my last day of work to my birthday January 22nd. My birthday. Not that it would matter much but I'd like to wait until early next year, so that the company will have to pay me my 3 weeks vacation, and use that money for a vacation of my own. This means that any trips that I've been planing, will be pushed back a month or two. I send my apologizes to whoever is expecting me. I'm not canceling, I'm just rescheduling

The sad thing that I've been spending a lot of time playing City of Heroes. Now I can hear Vics calling me a “git” but I can explain. I have a lvl 49 Defender that I need to get to lvl 50 (which is the max lvl possible). Yes I'm been obsessing over this but I'm very close. I'm hoping to have this accomplished by Saturday.

So after Monday, I should be blogging, a little more, while I continue to add product to the site and download smut.

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