Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I don't like it here anymore

This city is going to hell and I think that it’s time to get the hell out. When I mean hell, I mean crime, violent crime. Last week we had sex homicides (Yes I said SIX). We had woman brutally attacked, raped and murdered. We had a 17 year old punk (I say punk because he admitted to dealing on his webpage) push into the path of a C-Train. We had multiple gang related shootings. There were two guys run down and killed by a driver of a stolen vehicle. This is Canada. It’s not supposed to be like this.

One of the things that really piss me off is how the Police Chief is going on about statistics about how Calgary isn’t as bad as it really getting. All I need to say is, STOP LIVING IN THE PAST. We’ve become a victim of our own growth. As the city continues to grow (we’re over 1 million people now), the criminal element and scum in general have decided to make Calgary their home and the police are understaffed to meet this new wave of crime. I’m basically saying we need more cops as well as a court system that will keep these scumbags off the streets.

I’m starting to regret my decision to move to the downtown core. I tend to hear sirens at least once a night, and I’ve had to call 911 because of a huge fight in a park across from my building. It now has come to the point where I’m no longer willing to leave my building at night.

In the past few years, it’s been getting worse and worse and now it’s getting ugly. It’s now at the point where I want to leave Calgary and live in one of the smaller communities outside the city. That way I have the benefits of living near a big city, like having a NHL team, lot’s of shopping options and other big city benefits, but not having to deal with the big city problems like the crime. I’m sick of it.

Recently, a chapter of the Guardian Angels was started in the city and from what I’m seeing, that isn’t the answer. We don’t need guys in red berets walking around, acting like they’re going to make the city safer, we need Batman. We need the criminal element to feel some fear, because they’re not scared right now. I think they’re laughing right now. It’s pathetic.

I was talking to my boss, who has a farm outside of the city and he tells me that it’s not much better there. He tells me that the key is to have a shotgun, a big dog, and to lock everything up. I’m just sick of it.

I have the feeling that I’m not the only one either. There was a memorial for the 17 year old at the train station where he was pushed 48 hours after it happened and someone who matched the description of the person who pushed the guy nearby waiting for the train and all hell broke loose. It turned into a mob lynching. It was a good thing that the police were there to take her into protective custody, or it could have gotten a lot worse. We’re all sick of this crap and we want the scum out of our city, one way or another.

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