Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thoughts in my Head

I thought I would share some of the thoughts that went through my mind today.

“Lord, please let that smell not come from me”

“Does being a boss in a tie means that you can have the worse hair on the planet?”

“They somehow managed to sneak 2 days into today”


“Oh boy, Head Office has sent me more crap”.

“Dammit, Can’t I have lunch without people staring at me, wanting something”

“There’s been a problem with this monitor for months and they’re just telling me about it NOW?”

“I wonder if Stef will enjoy City of Heroes?” Bring it on Vics :)

“Yeah, I know an author, that makes me sophisticated. Except for the fact that the book has Werewolves shitting all over the living room”.

“Enough of the religious e-mail crap”.

“I’ll fix it when I’m gawd damn ready”

"There should be more Tuba's in Heavy Metal music"

Oh and I actually said this. “You suck big hairy nuts and you like it”

My 2 bytes.

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