Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I’ve talked about how I’m a big fan Gilbert Godfrey on several occasions. I still feel that he’s the worlds most under appreciated comedian, but what has now occurred is going too far. Some lame assed (ok I’m biased) Boston Weekly magazine has named Gilbert Godfrey as the most unsexy man the world.

So Gilbert is number 1 for unsexy and ….get this Osma bin Ladden is number 8? Are these people trying to tell me, that women would rather sleep with that sheep raping mother fucker than Gilbert Godfrey? BULLSHIT!!! This is nothing more than some asshole’s attempt to smear Gilbert.

Now I admit that some people find Gilbert’s voice hard to take (personally I think that it’s his best quality), but COME ON!!!! Richard Simmons made 14th. Women would rather sleep with that fruitcake pansy than Gilbert? Michael Jackson came in 11th!!!! He’s broke now so give it up you gold digging BITCHES. Michael Moore came in 39th; THAT BLOATED PIECE OF SHIT. He should be number one, not Gilbert.

Ok I’m not taking this well. Not because I’m into Gilbert that way (I prefer girls), but Gilbert doesn’t deserve this kind of abuse. He’s a funny comic who knows how to push buttons. He went to far as to do the Astrocrats joke at Hugh Hefner’s roast, and he was good. As opposed to the time Paris Hilton sang Happy Birthday to Hefner, she proved that her only talent is in the bedroom.

Why Paris gets all this fanfare and Gilbert gets all this bullshit. It’s not fair. Gilbert works hard and all Paris does is spread her fucking legs.  Let’s see her pick between having to sleep with Gilbert or Osama. I’m sure she’ll be tell Gilbert “You hot” as opposed to Osama, ‘goat raper’ Ladden.

So now the voice of the AFLAC duck is forced to endure this continued disgrace. YOU BASTARDS !!! Leave Gilbert alone.

My 2 bytes.

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