Monday, April 03, 2006

Bad Web sites

Ok now that the saga of “MOM AND DAD’S” visit is completely done. It’s time to get back to regular blogging. The problem is that I can’t think of anything to write about, so I’ve decided its time for my review of INTERESTING WEBSITES.

First I’ve found the OFFICAL Doggy Steps website. Now pet owners can buy little steps for their dogs. That way the dogs can now climb onto your couch and bed. Now I had a dog growing up and I need to ask this question. Don't people usually kicking their pets off the bed or couch because of shedding? I wonder if they sell something for removing pet hair as well.

Now I found this site on a late night infomercial. There’s no gentle way of saying this. These people are selling stuff in order to unplug the gunk up your ass. I remember watching the infomercial and listening to this woman talking about her colon and I though oh boy. This will help me get to sleep now.

Now there’s this site dedicated to the hokey visual/sound effects from the 60’s Batman show. Looking for a graphic that says AWEEEIII or POWIE!!! This is the site for you.

Lastly but perhaps the best is a site that allows people to send insulting post cards from France. Yes folks for the small price of $2,99 anyone can have a wine stained, hand written, insulting postcard sent to anyone from France. I knew there was a market for being rude.

I'm just hoping that I haven't hit another dry spell. If I have, then I’ll post more Bad Websites, but I’ll try and keep things limited. Oh and I'll try and make sense as well.

My 2 bytes.

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