Thursday, April 13, 2006

She wants to have sex with me, it says so on the website

First thing, no more pubic hair discussions. Secondly, my icon is from a series called Thunderbirds 2086, an anime version of the old puppet TV show.

So last night I was online and I’ve learned that there are women in Calgary who want to have sex me. Really I thought? Wow’s that pretty cool Women who’ve I’ve never mean, who have posted naughty pictures of themselves want to have sex with me and I’ve haven’t even met them. Wow, my blog must be really popular. Now I have a list of hot women who want to do the nasty with me. I’ve a lucky guy. I remember the night before I found some people who wanted to go out with me but hey, screw them. I’ve found women who want to have SEX. No questions asked.

Alright, perhaps these women aren’t after me specifically, but hey; a guy can dream can’t he? I remember reading the personal ads in some ‘free’ newspapers and I always found some of the ads to be humorous. Like the ad for the guy looking for another male to ‘try something new’ right beside the ad for the 50 year old Christian woman, looking for a male friend to play cards with (is that a code for something?).

Personally I like the websites better because the ladies (if you can call them that) include pictures and some of the pictures show ‘naughty bits’. YEAH, NAUGHTY BITS!!!!. Though I need to wonder about the type of woman who would put her naughty bits on the Internet with the words ‘DO ME!!!!’ typed underneath.

Oh and if your wondering, I haven’t e-mail any of these ‘ladies of loving’, though I may reconsider if I find a post that says ‘2 Hot Lesbians looking for Computer Geek to spice up our love life. MMORPG player and blogger preferred.’

My 2 bytes.

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