Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Book Reviews from The Great White North

So here’s the deal. I get home (later than usual this week because I’ve been doing some errands), I make something to eat and go online playing City of Heroes then around 8:30pm fatigue hits me like a ton of bricks and I’m out for the night. Even though last night I woke up again at 10:00pm and 3:00am., I still wasn’t up to blogging. As a result, I’m now blogging at work. DON’T FIRE ME BOSS, PLEASE.

I remember in the not to distant past I was a day ahead of my blog posts so if I hade a bad day, I would just post the written post and not worry about it, but this week, my excuse is “I needed a nap”.

On Monday a book I ordered from Amazon arrived and I started reading “Death by Zamboni”. (Now why the hell doesn’t the spell-check in Word recognize Zamboni?). This book was recommended by someone I know from City of Heroes. It happened when this other guy and I were talking about hockey and he mentioned the book. Then he mentioned that he wrote it. So I thought cool, went to Amazon and ordered it. It was then that I discovered that the person who recomended his book is named name David David Katzman. Well now I’ve gone through a couple of chapters and I love it. It’s funny in a twisted way, but since I have a twisted sense of humour anyway, I do recommend it. Any book that has sentences like, “If pigs had hands, they would rule the planet” is something that I’m going to enjoy. So now I can say that I know a published author.

I encourage people to pick up this book, not just because I know the author but because it’s a good laugh. So go to Amazon and buy it. NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2 bytes.

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