Monday, January 30, 2006

Take your political correctness and shove it up your ass!!!

There’s this trade show for the videogame industry called E3. It’s a pretty big deal for the game industry. The place is usually swarming with people (vendors and sales people and geeks to manage to buy their way in). All the big players are there like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Every year the show gets bigger and flasher but next year, the show will be taking a step in a direction since the show’s director Mary Dolaher has decided to BAN THE BOOTH BABES without any reason.

Like it or not, Booth Babes are part of E3. Models appear at the booths dressed up as the female characters in the games (sometimes they are wearing scantly clad outfits), but basically because of this person’s decision. This basically says that Lara Croft will no longer be appearing at E3 since she might be considered a Booth Babe. The same thing can be said for BloodRayne and the women of the Dead or Alive series

Personally I think this is BULLSHIT, especially since there is no explanation. Did Mary get offended and decide that she will control what the exhibitors will show? Funny how nothing is mentioned about Male models for the booths.

Basically, I think Mary is on a little power trip and if she wants to annoy the hell out of everyone, that’s her business but messing with a multimillion dollar trade show is not a good idea. Unless she has a justifiable reason and proves to everyone that’s she’s not just being a lil control freak, quit FUCKING around with E3.

My 2 bytes.

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