Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Questions I want answered.

I’m lost again so I’m winging it. Here are 10 questions that I want answered.

1. Who invented ‘Pull my finger’ ?

2. Does the water really flush the other way in Australia?

3. Why can’t all the names of countries be as easy to spell as Canada?

4.Why are there naked women in the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ movie?

5.Do gay cowboys really look like the guys in Brokeback Mountain or do they look like those guys in Deliverance?

6. Did Ned Beatty read the full script for Deliverance before agreeing to do that movie?

7. Did Burt Reynolds hide certain pages of the script for Delverance, telling the producer, Ned likes surprises?

8. Who invented bagpipes?

9. Is Lois Lane so dumb that a pair of glasses is enough to fool her into thinking that Clark Kent and Superman are 2 different people?

10. Is Abe Vigoda alive?

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