Monday, January 23, 2006

It's got to be Monday. Election Monday

Hello everyone. It's Monday morning and I'm feeling blaaa. Well it's election day and according to the polls my local MP (who will retain his seat) will be the next Prime Minister of Canada. Everyone knows that I live in Calgary (it says so, on my profile) but no one knows what part of Calgary I live in. So here's a hint for all my would be stalkers. I live in the Calgary South West riding. So as everyone has probably guessed. I'm going to vote for the guy who going to end up living at 24 Sussex drive (That's the Prime Minister's official residence).

One thing that bothers me is the other guys. They must know that they don't stand a chance. These people put themselves out there, knowing that the will lose. They must know that right? So for today, I will promote other other candidates of Calgary South West before they fade into obscurity and Stephen Harper offically becomes PM (Prime Minister).

Larry Heather : This guy is a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party. Personally, anyone who wants to mix religion and and politics is dangerous. I think our neighbours to the south have it right when they decided to separate church and state.

Kim Warnke : I've been hearing yadda from the Green Party for some times, but what are they all about?

Michael Swanson : He's the Liberals sacrifical lamb. I remember seeing a poster for this guy earlier but he didn't even have the balls to say that he was a Liberal. Oh and his name reminds me of TV dinners.

Holly Heffernan : She's NDP. The day NDP gets elected in Calgary, is the day hell freezes over (or Oprah appears on Letterman (ok that did happen but no one thought it would))

Anyway, tonight I'll sit on my ass and see if my guy gets a majority government or a minority govenment. I'm actually hoping for a minority and he's forced to form an alliance with the Bloc. I know, western conversatives and Quebec separists. What the hell am I thinking? I'm think the the Bloc will keep him honest.

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